Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tight Squeeze

I was just doing some late night editing when I came across this. I like funny people...I say it time and time again...and I will say it once more...and probably a few more times at some point down the road. Things like this make my job fun.

Oh, and yes, I did a little revamp of the blog...you really are in the right place...and if you really aren't...then WELCOME. Stay awhile.



  1. LOVE THIS PIC! I really LOVE the new look to your blog as well. Very nice.

  2. Hysterical! Funny that you could catch that.

  3. The new header looks great! And I like the white background too...it makes your pictures really stand out. I love all your work!!!

  4. Hi Janelle, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. And for following me. That makes me happy! You must be friends with Debbie E. cause I think I see Rachel in your header, which is adorable by the say. I love all the frames. I am always changingmy blog and header and stuff, cause I just get bored. I will follow along with your blog and check out your work. This image is hillarious! I love it.