Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am going to be raising my portrait and wedding/reception pricing starting September 1 so if you book before then you are welcome to keep my current pricing (which can be seen on the sidebar.) 

I am currently booking family and other portrait sessions for October and November and will not be doing any work in December. I want to possibly do a little relaxing during the Christmas season...that would be nice, right?

So get to BOOKIN'!

P.s. Here is a cute baby...more of her later!


  1. Hey you, great job on everything! Quick question for ya, what is the action set you are using for the whiter, washed out beachy look i see you do a lot? is it MCP's? i was hoping you'd pass along, i love it and haven't been able to achieve the look with what i have, so i was wondering if i need to buy some other sets. Appreciate it!

  2. Hi Kensley! Thanks :) So I think I know what you are talking about...I do have one action set and it's Totally Rad Actions "The revenge." It has several faded/wash actions...on this photo I edited it to how I liked is then used "Faded winter" at 25% to give it a somewhat faded/wash look! That action has a slightly blue yellow hue to it.