Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I like Free things.

What do you think about starting the new year with something free?!
Who doesn't like free things?

I will be giving away a FREE session!

What is included in this free session you might ask?

You would get 1 hour of shooting with me at a location within the Sacramento area (preferably in the Roseville/Folsom area) and a CD with about 15-25 edited images. The free session can be used any time in 2011.

Here is how you enter: Write a comment at the bottom of this post telling me how you'd like to better yourself in 2011.

For me, I'd like to spend less wasteful time in front of this darn computer! It's WAAAAY too easy to get on here for something then get sucked into a million different things then forget what I originally came on here for! It's terrible. So that's me. What about you?

Let's make ourselves better this year than we were the last!
And let's take some fun pictures too while we're at it :)

You have until midnight on January 1st, this Saturday, to enter.

The winner will be announced on Monday January 3rd.


  1. What a great idea!

    I think the way that I would like to better myself is to find more balance in my life. Better organization of time, more quality time with my family, and to get on the floor to play with my kids more often!

    Thanks Janelle for making me think of this!

  2. I love free things too!
    I would like to better myself by attending the temple more this year. I didn't go that often. I need to make time for it!

  3. The way that I would like to better myself this year is to stop putting things off so I am starting by commenting on your post the minute I think of it instead of putting it off until . . . say January 2 - which is how I do things. I love looking at all of your beautiful photos. You have such an amazing eye for creating that which is both interesting and beautiful. Jeana

  4. If I come into town for the photo session will you pick me to win? :) I may be cute pregnant by the time I make it back out there.

    I want to better myself by being more creative with my images, so I can feel comfortable building up my business.

  5. Pick me to win!! :)

    I really want to do more fun hands on activities with Emerson. He is so active and needs to be doing something every minute or he ends up in trouble and I do not want him to spend all of 2011 sitting in the corner.

  6. Oh, this would be great! I want to be more organized with my meal plan...I hate those days that I just don't know what to cook!

  7. I have designated this year as " The Year of Me". Not in a selfish way, but in a way that will make me better physically, emotionally, spiritually so I can be of better service to others. I have plotted out my year so I can stay focused and report to myself on my progress each month.
    I will do something kind for someone each day (its in my planner to remind me!), give up Diet Coke for real, start my health plan for myself, and spend time with my Savior.
    I'm 50 and finally realized you wont get where you want to go if you dont have a map! I am looking forward to seeing where I am on my map at this time next year! Love you :)
    ( I am entering this to hopefully win it for Rachel and her new baby at work)